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The 8 Benefits of Matcha Tea You Need to Know You’ve probably have come across matcha tea products but never given them a second thought. Testimonies from users of the tea and research studies have come to one undeniable conclusion- matcha tea is simply superior to other green tea extracts. When you drink matcha tea frequently, you can easily counter the harmful effects that accompany UV radiation exposure. In addition to beautiful and youthful-looking skin, you will steer clear of ailments like cancer and others because of the antioxidants in the tea. Antioxidants are helpful in boosting the functioning of the immune system. Your aspirations of losing weight will materialize with the frequent intake of matcha tea because it heightens metabolism and burns calories at the same time. Most importantly, you will not experience an increase in your blood pressure or heart rate after consuming the tea, unlike when you use the chemical-laden pharmaceuticals that are available on the market.
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The caffeine content in match tea is similar to that of regular coffee, but the kick you get with the latter beverage will be absent. The reason is that matcha tea contains L-theanine, a natural substance that brings about an “alert calm” feeling. You will relax calmly but will not feel sleepy.
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For persons with diabetes type-2, the healthy metabolism levels that result from the intake of matcha tea proves to be immensely beneficial. The tea reduces the levels of triglycerides, hepatic glucose, and total cholesterol. Hepatic and kidney damage can also be avoided by taking the tea regularly because it puts a stop to the buildup of glycation end products. The L-theanine content in the tea promotes the production of serotonin and dopamine. You will, as a result, experience enhanced concentration, better moods, and heightened memory. That explains its use by persons who are fond of meditating. The cleansing properties of matcha tea are amazing. Matcha leaves are filled with chlorophyll, which is an effective blood cleanser and purifier. Additionally; it eliminates heavy metals and other toxins from the colon walls and rids them out of your body. For centuries, warriors have used the tea before battle and when training to enhance endurance and boost energy levels. Besides caffeine, there is a host of numerous other agents that cause such effects. If you back away from natural products due to their supposed unpleasant flavors, the intake of matcha tea will come as a welcome surprise because of the pleasant taste it offers. You can even incorporate matcha into your recipe to create savory or sweet meals. Today, you can get match recipes that include stir fries, soups, brownies, guacamoles, muffins, and puddings with just a little internet research.